Leadership Instructions Decisions & Strategy - Leadership Instructions Decisions and Strategy
Educating Firefighters on Tactics and Procedures for  Fireground Scenarios


  • All Classes also include a Power Point
  • All Classes also use Power Point
  • All types of structures are covered.
 Go to You Tube, legacyfiretraining.com, to view "Nutmeg Removal Technique". A great method for limited manpower. Also see our video on "Hidden Hazards". A building construction informational source.
                    FF. Davis L.58, Chief Parisi ( Chief of Salem NH, FD),
                       Lt. Wutz, FF. Brezler R.2 and Lt. Scotto L.58
Updated: Dec. 3, 2016:
  Plan of Attack:  Winter is coming. Our operations will be extended due to the weather. Arrival time between units will be longer, which means help is delayed. This translates to a more intelligent approach to our operations. Ventilation may have to be delayed until a line is in place. This may take longer due to frozen hydrants or other water problems. Fires may be more advanced due to delayed notification. In winter move quickly but more cautiously, slippery surfaces. Prepare by having extra shovels on the rig, especially if sending members to a flat roof for vent. Stay warm.   Always..Stay Sharp and Safe.

Firehouse Expo, Nashville TN.  What a great experience! There were many firefighters for many departments. The venue was wonderful. My class on Large Area Search went quite well. I had the privilage to meet brothers and sisters from around the country and even a brother from Portugal. The attendees in my class made it a better session by all their comments and thoughts on the class material. To those who were there, THANK YOU... I look forward to next year in Nashville. A really great city, with great people.
  ** "We are proud to announce that LEGACY can offer you our RIT Class, with Federal Grants thru Homeland Security. This means your Department can file for a federal grant under Weapons of Mass Destruction, which is pre-approved for Legacy, and your class will have little or no cost! This will keep your department's budget available for other  training. In these economic times, savings for quality training is priceless!" **Contact us to discuss options and we will get dates setup for your department's training. Thanks!                          

Here are some Fire Prevention topics we cover in our Class:                                                                     
 Safety Tips:* Place a heat detector in your attic. Smoke detectors
                      are not appropriate.
                  * Close the door to the fire area.
                  * Use an Extinguish with an ABC type protection. Use it 
                      in a side to side motion, Do Not use it all, if possible.
                  * When using candles place them in a small bowl of
                     water or sand. Keep them 12" away from anything
                     that can ignite.
                  * Dryer fires, turn off gas supply, then use water or a
                     dry chem extinguisher.
                  * Have an evacuation plan for your family.
      Learn more ways to protect you, your family, and your home!
         Legacy also offers AHA CPR/ First Aid Training to those who are in need of this . We will teach you so you can save others. Saving a Life, nothing better!
  Legacy recommends that you to go to Firehouse.com and view"WTC In Their Own Words". This book tells the story of 9/11, from firefighters on scene. I was honored to be on TV with the late Chief Harvey Eisner, former Editor of Firehouse Magazine, to discuss his book.  It is a diagram of that day. See the TV interviews on the Firehouse website. And remember.... Never Forget...
 Legacy recommends  FF. Jason Brezler's company at www.LeadershipUnderFire.vpweb.com.
   By training with Legacy,  you'll be a more complete firefighter.  Take the time to look at us and what we can do for your department. Contact us now for the expert training you deserve, want and need!
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   Legacy's  Training Standard: "If you fail to plan, plan to Fail!"
                        Until we update again, Stay Safe and Sharp!
                                               Mike Scotto, MEP
                                               Lieutenant, FDNY
 15 years have passed since that day.
Remember Always, Their Sacrifice,  343.
Lt. Patrick Sullivan. Ladder 58 FDNY Rest in Peace.                              Lt. Patrick Sullivan, Lad.58 FDNY
                                   @ his last job in Sept. 2011.
                                           " Rest In Peace"
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